Friday, June 24, 2011


We did an impromptu backyard campout.  Some of us wanted to do the Manti Pageant/campout again this year because we had so much fun last time, but with cars on the blink, too much work and not enough cash it wasn't looking good.  So, Friday morning Nat suggested we just do it in her backyard.  3 tents, 5 adults and 9 kids, and I still have my computer.  Not bad.  Aubrey and Max joined us Saturday.
Avery and I on the tramp
Perfect campsite.  The buyer for this house will be getting an amazing yard.
Josh set up our sleeping bags in the tent.  He came to me and reported, "I put your sleeping bag right next to mine!"  It was so cute - he even folded them down to be ready to climb in.
Love these little boys!
We made s'mores! Shirt riding up - better stop eating them!

My Joshy!  Emma and Ashlie in back
Adam, Avery, Asher, Alex
Smoke follows beauty - Aubrey (Josh, Me, Avery)
Late night activity - Ashlie, Olivia and I (without the flash below)

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