Monday, October 31, 2011

The atheists are coming - scary Halloween!

  " Free speech is acceptable - even politically correct - for a governor advocating an "alternative lifestyle,"     but not for a public school teacher who expresses an opposing viewpoint." - Mat Staver, Liberty Council

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"American Atheists sued officials of the Utah Highway Patrol and the Utah Transportation Department in 2005. The group claimed that the roadside memorials are a state establishment of religion even though the memorials are funded, owned, and maintained by a private organization, the Utah Highway Patrol Association." 

Justice is not well served when unhappy atheists can use the law to mow down memorial crosses and renew the suffering for the survivors."  
This atheist group is not even in Utah and the memorials involve 13 fallen highway patrolmen.  This was the chosen way to honor fallen heroes in our state.  The cross design is a universally accepted grave marker symbol.

Now, the supreme court has refused to hear the appeal.  Apparently the group who place the memorial markers are free to use some other kind of symbol without any Christian association, but not the cross design which is merely a white stick cross.  What happens if they replace this with a star or some other icon, only to have them decide it represents something they oppose?  Do we really want this vocal minority to continue to demand that we become a Godless nation?

What happened to majority decisions?  Why can't atheists live and let live?  If this was meaningful to Utah Highway Patrol members and families, shouldn't this be their right?  Why do the courts get to decide everything in this "Republic" nation?  Most importantly, what is happening to this nation?  And what happened to states' rights - we are supposed to be sovereign - the UNITED STATES of America.  Not America ruled by atheists who aim to dictate how this country operates.  It's time for some serious revolt by the moral majority. Freedom of religion is not freedom FROM religion (or laws forbidding anything that might in any way be associated with some possible religious meaning or inference.

Next thing we know, they will try to ban crosses as markers in public cemeteries.  Of course we all know how these headstones and memorials are serving to convert the world to Christianity.... get real!  Actually, it's scary because this is real.  It's also very similar to Nazi Germany ploys, at least in the early days.  Maybe the next step will be atheists insisting Christians wear a yellow cross on their sleeves to identify them.  In China and other countries of dictatorship, people cannot even assemble in groups and many have banned religion throughout history.  Our country was founded on religious freedom.  How can we let atheists take over America?

I want to know what the candidates running for president will do to help us take back America's ideals and origins.  If we continue on this slippery slope, it doesn't matter who we elect in the future - we will be doomed since it's a steady decline in morality.  We display all the signs of fallen empires throughout history.  Every civilization in the past has taken this course prior to its downfall.  It's not just accepting wrong as identified in the Bible and every other religious text, it's about embracing and glorifying it.

We can't just accept homosexuals, we need to parade them, give them special privilege, special protection when they are victims of crime (the same crimes committed on other people) and provide hot-lines to "questioning youth" to help them to accept that they are gay (even if they aren't and just have "questions").  And, to disagree with homosexuality as a normal and natural way of life, we aren't just expressing our own opinion (according to our own rights of free speech), we are "bullies," "racists" or "bigots".  We can't just accept pornography as degrading and the use of women as sexual objects in every form of media, we need to flaunt it to the youth and sexualize young girls in the name of the almighty dollar.  We decry sexual slavery in undeveloped nations but it's going on right here in the good ol' USA.

And, the kids can sing Halloween songs at school but they can't sing Christmas songs or even mention the name.  We only have "winter" programs now.  Wait until the atheists figure out that Halloween originated as a religious event - that will also be banned.
This is the scariest Halloween I've seen in a long time.

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  1. I completely agree! This is an outrage! You should send this blog post in to the newspaper's editorials.


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