Sunday, October 30, 2011

Religion under attack

“[The First Amendment] guarantees a freedom of religion, not a freedom from religion,”- Joe Lieberman
As a Jew in the public square, he understands the persecution and he stands up for his beliefs as well.

Obama has been called a Muslim - so what?  That is not what it is about.  Now, Mitt Romney's detractors say he is a Mormon - so what?  Both he and Jon Huntsman could bring great talent to Washington, if they are allowed to do so.  How sad for America if it is decided, based on their religious beliefs, that neither of them could serve.  (BTW: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints UPHOLDS the laws of the land).  How pathetic that basic morality is not a desirable quality to so many voters, or that they might prefer leaders who are womanizers or religious snobs who perpetuate myths such as "Mormon's aren't Christians".  Hmmmmm - somehow this doesn't sound very "Christian."

Better not get me started on the "separation of church and state" issue.  The kids in school can sing Halloween songs about witches and goblins, but heaven forbid they should sing a Christmas song.  They can have a Halloween program but only a "Winter" celebration at school.  They can talk a bout ghosts, but not holy ones.  The irony is that Halloween began as a religious event.  I guess it depends on which religion your witch is...

My friend's children attend a Jewish school and they celebrate Jewish holidays - as they should.  Of course as a private institution (so far) hey can do this, regardless of the faith of the various students (all faiths can attend). It's educational as far as I'm concerned, for them to see these other cultures and yes, faith communities are cultures to be studied. 

In other news, the Catholic Archbishop Timothy Dolan (NYC) continues to defend the faith and is concerned about the destruction of traditional marriage.  He has also seen the immediate repercussions that the public assured him was the church's "Chicken Little" unfounded fear.  The Catholic church has suffered much damage as lawsuits began as soon as the ink dried. They have lost in the arena of social services, adoptions within the faith and even threats regarding their refusal to allow gay marriages to occur in their parishes.  What rights are being trampled here?  Read more here.

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