Thursday, February 16, 2012


Too busy and stressed to even blog.  Those who know me and know I love blogging will appreciate this.  Sometimes life just keeps us going with little time to breathe or smell the roses.  I definitely need a vacation, and maybe a different job besides!

The good news is that Chris is here from Japan after spending a week working in San Jose.  Now, two weeks of working on his business and family details here.  Praying he can get home soon!  The girls are ready to come, Jordan loves his school, basketball and friends so he is more reluctant.  This is the problem - the longer they stay, the more entrenched the kids get in their lives - and the harder it is for the girls to speak English.  Please pray that Chris's new business will be successful very soon and they can get the money (and the INS red-tape worked out) to come home soon!

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