Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving, 2012 Style

This is how some of the boys spent the time waiting for the feast.
Max, Alex, Josh
 Our Thanksgiving this year was hosted by Krista and Justin. They are wonderful to share food and home, along with so much work involved in doing it.
Sisters, Olivia and Ashlie
Mother/daughter - Natalie and Ashlie
The boys - Noah, Adam with Josh, Asher, Avery and Alex
Aubrey/Asher with Fred, Ashlie and Max in the background
Nat, Rob, Avery, Ale
Justin, Natalie, Avery
 Krista was so busy hosting, it looks like our pics of her are slim pickings.  

Krista, Olivia, Ashlie, Josh, Aubrey
Ashlie and I (though I hate this pic of myself)
 I contributed rolls which showed that my baking talent has been lacking in practice.  Aubrey said I can practice twice a week and that would be OK with her.  I also brought my great grandma's Candied Sweet Potatoes and they were yummy!  It was fun to share a recipe with Grandma Lawler's great, great, great grandchildren.

Jenn, Ashlie, Josh, Aubrey, Adam (in background), Noah
 This one is priceless.  Kenlee was ready to serenade us but her dad told her no, since it was time to eat.
Kenlee, Justin
Before the "unveiling"- my camera battery died right after this so we don't get a photo of the "real thing"- maybe Nat or Aubrey got one.  Jon and Heather came for dessert.

Below are the pics Jon shared
Kenlee, Aubrey, Olivia
Josh and Adam checking out the ads
Getting ready to make the Thanksgiving pies (Heather's creation)  turn into birthday pies. 
They love to  help with the lighting
Ashlie is 14; Max is 3

Cousins enjoying pie, movie and good company
After Rob spent the day laying carpet squares in my basement, the work and turkey tryptophan did the number on him.
Max, Rob, Alex, Adam 
9 of the grandchildren.

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