Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cover-up Continues - Benghazi & Election Fraud

A few links to make you think... O'Reilley The Blaze Wise Country Girl Blog Here's an excerpt but check out the whole article:
Gary Johnson, the candidate for disaffected Libertarians who received 43,479 votes here in Florida, was on the Ohio Ballot. And while Roseanne Barr was not, she did make it on the Florida ballot and the 7,971 misguided souls that voted for her shows that there are always going to be those who choose to follow their own path. Always. Except in Cleveland, Ohio. Is that not a stunning consideration? As of early September, voting registration lists totaled 900,135 in Cuyahoga County, which makes up much of the Cleveland metropolitan area, so exactly how many votes do 15 districts represent? Thousands… tens of thousands? Yet every last one, down to a man in these 21 precincts voted for Barack Obama – a statistical miracle!
Statistical miracle?

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