Thursday, August 7, 2008

Computer update

Not yet, but maybe one day I'll go for this 24" iMac
Chris gave me a suggestion for what might have been causing my computer shutdowns! It was overheating. He gave me an old computer of his a few years back and he said it sometimes had this problem. It has a lot of components in a very small box. Then I had lots of accessories on top of that (my network and other plug-in things - don't ask me what). We have made temporary modifications and it has been running smoothly for the past three days, not crashing once! Maybe I won't have to buy a new computer in the near future after all. Yeah! I love having this kind of expertise at my fingertips. Not that I wouldn't love a new computer but I'm on the self-imposed "cash only" program, making strides eliminating my consumer debt, so it's better to pay down the Visa than buy a new computer right now. The practical side of me says to give this old baby another chance. Thanks to Chris (and Ken too) for helping me out and keeping me on track for my goal! It really is a good feeling to pay as you go.

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