Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Empty Nest

Aubrey wants to move herself and her family to their own place.  Imagine that!  I told her (kidding of course) that if she and Steve want to live somewhere else, fine - just leave the kids here.  They are so adorable!  While I love for my kids to find their way and become independent, I do love bonding with the grandkids and I will miss their daily presence.  Meanwhile, they're looking for better jobs and an affordable place to live (hopefully not too far away). Steve will be attending the U soon and Aubrey wants to go to school in Kaysville (DATC) so somewhere between is good; Bountiful is ideal since she has a good support system here.

Of course Jon also looks forward to the day he can live on his own again.  When they all leave I'll have a HUGE house and be rattling around in it.  I have never actually experienced an empty nest yet.Of course it is also going to be in BAD NEED of a paint job, carpet cleaning, and window washing - in addition to my wish list of remodeling/improvement projects.

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  1. I think when they move out you should sell your house and buy mine!


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