Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shrinking World!

I have to point out some other blogs of interest you'll find on my sidebar. I loved Glenae's photographic journal of her baby robins. Check it out and show the kids - it is so fun!

Check out Aubrey's blog - Just a Detour - Josh started school today! Aubrey is thrilled to have a working computer again too.
I also enjoy Life in a Shoe - the blog of a Christian family of 11 in which the parents homeschool their children. I don't know these folks but I enjoy what they have to say. I also appreciate their Christian views without putting others down. This link is to the father's summary of his decision to boycott McDonald's because of their promotion of the homosexual agenda. I think it's worth reading. Go here for the specific article: You can also read the mom's blog from a link on my sidebar and her hubby has a frugal site, also on my sidebar. These are great tips from the trenches!

And of course there's the LDS Spoof blog! It cracks me up - but if you're not LDS you'll probably miss some of the humor - and of course if you don't have a sense of humor or if you're LDS and can't laugh at yourself at all, even when it's intentionally humorous; not put-down stuff - you still may not like it. But I appreciate the art here!

It's fun to get to communicate with people around the globe and to see how they live. Blogging and internet in general makes it a small world.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out here. :) I told Josh what you said, but you should call him later if you get a chance. He's so happy!


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