Monday, September 22, 2008

Chris's House for Sale

If anyone wants to look at Chris's house which is for sale, click on the title of this post for photos on his website. He plans to update photos soon with a better front view of this great house and to improve the site - right now it's just some photos. They love their home and neighborhood; wish they could keep it but don't want to worry about renters while they're gone. They have said they would move right back there when they return if they could afford to keep it and make the payments for so long.

You can see in the photos that the garage easily holds both his van and extended cab truck with shell inside with more shop area and room to move around them, plus parking for the motorcycle and other equipment. Many garages these days don't even fit a van the size of his (Honda Odyssey). There's a separate shed so lawn equipment and kids bikes have their own garage. His asking price on the house is $273K but if he sells without an agent involvement (commission) he can reduce some.

Speaking of the van - he is also probably (reluctantly) selling this incredible vehicle with all the bells and whistles, leather seats, etc. and only 16,000 miles - 3 years old. I would love this car but it would make no sense for just me and occasional grandchildren trips or vacations. It cycles to 4 cylinders automatically when on the highway.

His motorcycle is also for sale, as well as the truck with a brand new transmission. He can buckle in his entire family of 6 in the truck cab.

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