Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Misc. Current Issues - my opinions

Click on the post title to learn more about Sarah Palin's faith.

Go here for more discussion of repercussions sure to follow if California voters adopt same-sex marriage.

It's not homophobic - it's responsible citizenship with respect to the inspired forefathers of our country. Everyone can choose their own path as long as they don't infringe on the rights of others. This is where this issue treads - on others' rights.

Politically, I am concerned about Obama's proposal to tax capital gains. Right now if you downsize for a realistic retirement you are exempt from capital gains up to $500K but his proposal will bring a tax of 28% on every home sale. This is very scary for security in the future. Other taxes too should be compared McCain vs Obama. Nice to say we'd love to see a man of African-American descent become president but if he is not up to the job, his race certainly won't make up for that and if he fails by raising taxes in our already overburdened economy, it will be a setback instead.


  1. You are so right on about Obama and his taxes. Setback, indeed. I'm pulling for California as well. Don't you wish we were there as well? We could probably do more to help out the McCain/Palin ticket too! By the way, I enjoyed your post about Miss Aubrey's birthday. I well remember the day she was born -- and how Andrea M. and I walked to Reams to buy her a pair of booties. I was one of those neighbor kids who always had to hold her ... but I like to think she stopped crying just for me :-)

  2. I well remember Ashlie and Andrea bringing the baby gift. You were both so excited and I was so moved that these young girls would take that initiative. I still remember the booties too!


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