Monday, September 8, 2008

Congratulations on the Ultra, Cliff!

My nephew, Cliff completed the 33 hour Wasatch 100 Ultra Marathon run. This is about as crazy as I can imagine. (I say that in jest and in awe). To look at him here with his dad you'd never know he'd been through this grueling ordeal. A little worse for wear, according to his mom, down 7 lbs and with 7 blisters on one foot (don't have the count for the other). He impressed everyone and his whole family was cheering him on. What an accomplishment! Gene (his dad - the original Bates runner) said "This one is for the history books." He said he’s never seen anyone turn things around and run their heart out that late in a hundred miler. He'd had some rough spots during the night.
For some great photos (there's an especially cute one with his little boy) click the post title. It's his sister, Michelle's blog post about the race.

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  1. That's awesome!!! I'm so impressed! It's strange how people in the same family can be so different.. I was just thinking this morning how positive and healthy their family is and we are so ... well, the opposite. haha! Good for him.


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