Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Computer

My new 24" iMac. Below you will see it next to my old monitor. The new one has no CPU, bunches of cords, etc. It's all built right into the monitor. It is also super-quiet. The old one hums white noise continually. Chris tells me I'll get used to it and not think it's not working if I don't hear it! I got a user lesson from him last night. He also tells me the learning curve from PC to Mac is not very steep. I'm using the computer right now so already I've figured out a few of the critical details - the internet and pictures. Email works too so we're good to go!

I have my computer on a network at home so we just plugged in the new one, making it easy to transfer my files directly. Wow! For those who voted... Mac was the poll winner and I was assured I would be able to learn. Justin's comment was, "what do you know, now we've got mom driving a Honda and a Mac." He was proud. The boys have told me they will enjoy being my tech support department better now too without all the "crapware" - that's what they really call it. Of course they also assure me that once I have learned what I need to know tech support will not even be needed because it's so simple and there won't be viruses.


  1. Wow! I didn't know you were getting a new computer. It looks really nice... P.S. Madi looks so much like Jon! Wow.

  2. Ah, you missed the discussion when your computer was broken - I bought Chris and Kiyomi's when they decided to move. I had already been convinced this was the one to buy so it was an easy decision. They were also tired of me calling for help every time mine crashed I think. The standard answer for me was "buy a Mac" when I asked what might be wrong with mine. Granted it was old, had insufficient memory but they also knew viruses are just so much more of a problem....


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