Sunday, October 12, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATALIE! (& Big Surprise Outside)

I just love this picture. I stole it from Aubrey's blog.
What I woke up to on Natalie's birthday.... This is very rare. I don't remember ever having snow on her birthday. We haven't even raked a single leaf yet and we have several inches of snow on everything.
The branches on the trees are weighed down...
The kids were excited to go out and play in it.
These are the snowball bushes I like to photograph each season - there was no "fall red" this year.
Natalie is my fourth child. She was the only one I delivered with a working epidural. Prior to her, they weren't available. After her they didn't seem to work out for me. Anyway it made the delivery such a snap. She was adorable. Even her hospital photograph was good. She was also a good baby, kind of a mama's girl. She was happy if she was with me. Here she is on the far right in West Jordan at about age 8.
As one of the middle kids, she seems to have fared well. She was an excellent student in high school while working part-time, doing volunteer work and regularly walking to the Temple after school to do baptism for the dead. Then she put herself through college and graduated from Utah State University with a degree in business and human relations.

I don't have a lot of digital photos of Natalie. This was taken just a couple of weeks before she delivered. Now she's a good mom to her children, a great wife, sister, daughter, friend, aunt, cousin, niece, grand-daughter, etc. etc. etc.

Here is my fourth child with her fourth child - just a couple of weeks old!
So, here's wishing Natalie a wonderful day.


  1. I remember what a cutie Natalie was! I can't believe how old our children are getting.

    Looks like you got alot of snow too. It's after 4:00 and the snow hasn't melted yet. Yikes!

  2. Mom - Thanks for the birthday blog! Nat


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