Monday, October 13, 2008

Moaning Monday

Since the hard drive crashed and the Apple store didn't even try to save my data, I'm in worse shape for pictures than before. This is one problem with warranties. If I had purchased the hard drive and Chris had installed it, he would have recovered my data. What does Apple care about such things?

So, now I intend to spend another couple hundred dollars to buy an external "mirror" drive. Chris reminds me that when it comes to hard drives it isn't a matter of "if" but "when." Since I plan to scan my pictures some day (after I spend some MORE money on a scanner) I don't want to risk losing my stuff again. So, that's the backup protection plan.

While my miniscule retirement shrinks and I can't afford to travel I guess this winter will be spent mostly at this computer. I need to make it safe. We've been told to save, save, save ...put our money in 401 K, etc. and each time I get my statement its several thousand dollars less. something's wrong with this retirement planning picture. Plan B is to continue to reduce my debt so my money is at least working in that way. It's great for the peace of mind too.

Both Jon/Karla and Aubrey/Steve are looking for affordable housing here. Oops, that's an oxymoron. Aubrey has been acclimated to midwest prices which even these days is better than what she'll find in the west so she doesn't know what they'll do (and they have two kids and two dogs so they need some place with a yard that allows pets). Jon and Karla's apartment is being reclaimed by the owners upstairs for winter family and play rooms. So, October will be housing search month. Jenn and Fred still hope to find one they can buy too but it looks like the home sellers are still in denial about the depression we're in. They can't find a house under $220K.

My final moan for this morning . . . it's COLD outside. I hate the cold. Suddenly dry, barren Arizona looks good to me.


  1. Oh no about your pictures!!!!! I almost lost all mine during one of my lightening strikes ... but that was one thing my computer guy was able to save (and fortunatley he had them still on his computer and restored them to me again after my second hard drive failed). You would think I would have learned and back them up by now ... but I have not. My plan is to get an external hard drive like a flash drive, but I haven't. I do have a bunch of them on CD (pics I have saved on work computers and then copied or had done at Wal-Mart, etc). But I would lose many if I crashed now. Two good things about Missouri right now: it's in the 80s (picture-perfect weather here ... although I think your snow does look like great fun I do remember the day in 6th grade we had snow for Columbus Day b/c I was in your Mom's class and she made a lot a fun writing assignment out of it) and number two: you can get a decent house for $150,000. Send them out here--- yes, there are some very nice LDS churches :-)And we even have some LDS friends here :-)

  2. Thanks Ashli,
    It wasn't as bad as it sounds because we had been delinquent in getting everything moved over to the new computer so many of the pictures are still on the old PC so they're safe. Others were still on the memory card because we hadn't deleted all; just enough to make some more space. And, I started putting photos on my thumb drives but had already filled up two of them - pictures take up a lot of space. I had also started storing in photobucket but my old computer was so slow with that I hadn't gotten very far but I do have some. My genealogy training should have had me better prepared for saving all along. Jon lost quite a few that he had dumped onto my new computer to free space on his card. Overall, it was a good wake-up call to get me to do the backup system. Thanks for the nice words.

  3. I dumped some of my family's photos on the iMac when Jenn called to say that Nat was in labor and she needed a memory card. Detailed shots of disassembling my motorcycle were also on there, which made reassembly more difficult than it should have been.

    Don't buy a scanner. I have an excellent one that does film and prints and is completely Mac compatible. I rarely use it; it usually just sits here on my desk. We can bring it over when you have room on the desk and I can teach you how to scan. Buy some of those cans of compressed air. Probably won't be able to help you with it until early November after we're settled in the new place, wherever that will be.

    I use the scanner so rarely that I would have no problem just leaving it at your house.

    - Jon

  4. It's true that Jon took the biggest hit on the pictures. I have actually found most of the photos that were not erased from the memory card. I also had some at work. :) Thanks for the scanner offer, Jon.


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