Saturday, October 18, 2008

What is the Church doing?

Preserving the Divine Institution of Marriage

If you have difficulty viewing this here, you can get it at the website (click the title of this post).

Click on the post title for the website Preserving Marriage. This is a church sponsored website that shows many aspects of our lives that will be impacted negatively if Proposition 8 fails in California. Again, liberals believe this is showing tolerance, acceptance and love. In fact, it is opening a Pandora's box of trouble. If you favor making marriage a joke which could be entered into by anyone, regardless of gender, you have not looked at the bigger picture. This goes way beyond religious beliefs and tolerance. You can accept others' differences with love without redefining marriage to suit them and without allowing them to interfere with the rights of the rest of us. Wouldn't we all love to see laws change to suit our chosen sins against society?

The Church has joined a coalition of Catholic and Evangelical community groups and individuals to support traditional marriage and its role in society by seeking the passage of Proposition 8.

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