Saturday, November 1, 2008


Krista (on the right) at work on Halloween day.
Aubrey and I went to parties as mother-daughter angels - well, it wasn't the same party but we had fun doing it!
Unloading the loot for round 2 - Emma was on costume number 2 also. She couldn't be satisfied with just being Laura Ingalls - no makeup involved!
These guys were a hoot! Lions, Tigers, Bears, and "Oh My!"
Lizzie the Lion
Jenn painted Karla's face
More pictures of the kids on Grandma's Brag Blog. Need an invitation? Just let me know. We're trying to avoid internet predators (is it possible?). Of course I post here too so is it helpful? Not sure. But you just need to create a google account if you don't have one already, then it will work each time from your computer.

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