Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It crosses the generations....

I don't know when a book had this kind of appeal to several generations all at once. My granddaughter read Twilight, my daughter is smitten, my daughter-in-law inhaled and I totally enjoyed the escape of the Twilight books. This is the first movie I have ever even considered attending a midnight showing of (but I won't because I need to get up for work and I'm not totally nuts).

There are a few hard-core rebels who refuse to read it but that's their loss. Stephenie Meyer is a talented writer who can draw the reader into her believable, bizarre fantasy world. I don't spend money on first-run movies (hardly ever!) but I won't wait for this one to show up in the dollar theaters. And no doubt I will have to buy the DVD!
The suspense is over - it officially opens on Friday but there's a midnight show tonight - or is that actually tomorrow? .... (Aubrey will be there and she's young enough to still get up for work the next day - I hope)


  1. I tried this, and I am the only me in all of America! Cool!

  2. I can't wait for the movie. I really got hooked!! April won't be home until the 26th, so I am trying to wait for her. When I tell McKell about it, he thinks I'm nuts, but he is coming to the movie also. lol


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