Thursday, November 20, 2008


Aubrey (2nd from left) with Twilighter friends Andrea, Natalie and Jen at the midnight pre-screening of Twilight. They were NOT disappointed! Jen's baby girl, Savannah, due in a few days, may be the youngest Twilighter (at the early showing at least).
Andrea works at the theater and the special screening was for employees and friends. Aubrey said there were only four other attendees and they were not fans. It was down right annoying. Natalie works at another theater and plans to attend their midnight premier tonight. She gave me tickets to use later (thanks Natalie!) so I'll definitely be there soon. Aubrey would like to join her again tonight but she's thinking it might not be so good for her to be sleep-deprived for two days in a row at work, though the temptation may prove to be too much.

I heard on the radio there will be a Twilight Prom in Ogden tonight. I guess that's pre-show entertainment. Anyway, people are having a ball with this. Another lady was ticked because Harry Potter's release got delayed because of fear it would be trumped by Twilight at the box office. What a ruckus! Stephenie is crying all the way to the bank I'm sure. If you want a recession-proof career, use your imagination and writing talent like she does.... word spreads like wildfire and, like Monopoly in the depression, people are looking for diversion - escape from their financial woes.

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