Monday, December 1, 2008

Projects & Family Update

Justin built a beautiful huge fish tank and they built a new shed, poured a concrete pad and started the basement finishing. Krista does the decorating there. She has her own blog for updates, as does Aubrey and Karla (Stephenson blog) so check those out for more info.

Jon has spent several months of his "free" time rebuilding/refurbishing his motorcycle. It has been a huge time-involved educational experience for him but it's getting there and looking good but he just discovered another problem so it's back to the drawing board - frustrating. We're really proud of the way he has tackled a very difficult project. This has been going on in Chris's garage and he has to finish before the house sells. Here is a detail shot "before" - means nothing to me....
The "before" bike
The "after" bike - well, until the next rebuild segment. He thought he was almost finished....
Jenn's creative project was staging Chris's house which meant more wallpaper stripping (we did 0most of it before he moved in), painting and decorating. You can see it at We realize she needs her own place to play with - hopefully it won't be too long. Now she and Natalie are making Christmas gifts.

Of course Chris has been liquidating and cleaning out his stuff for the past few months in preparation for the move to Japan. He has put his truck to good use and built up some muscle at the same time. Of course he also messed up his knee in the process and is looking forward to seeing a doctor in Japan where they have universal health care.

I guess things are pretty much status quo. We're grateful for good health, employment and housing (though some are still working on those!)

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