Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hope ya know, we had a hard time

Quentin L. Cook gave a talk in 2008 by this title.  Click here to read it.  These were the words of his three year old when he spoke to his mom on the phone after a scary and grueling experience while trapped in a surprise snowstorm.

At times when we may feel to say, “Hope you know, I had a hard time,” we can be assured that He is there and we are safe in His loving arms.

We need encouragement to make it through hard times.

Of his mother, Brigham Young said, "She taught us to reverence the Holy Book. She said, 'Read it, observe its precepts and apply them to your lives as far as you can. Do everything that is good; do nothing that is evil; and if you see any persons in distress, administer to their wants; never suffer anger to arise in your bosoms, for if you do, you may be overcome by evil.'"

Here's an uplifting story in Mormon Times, telling of Florida Relief Society sisters joining with Catholic relief efforts for Haiti.   In commenting about this partnership, Monsignor David Page said, "All of our churches should help each other and show God's love.

Becky Thomas writes a column, The Unexpected Life,  for Mormon Times and I liked this observation about the need for us to be well-rounded:

"We are given callings in the LDS Church, some which are just like pushing a square peg in a round hole. We are asked to serve with people whom we would not have connected with otherwise. We are asked to leave our comfort zone and speak in church, take youth on a modern day pioneer trek, serve missions and sacrifice our time for others. On top of that, we are faced with a variety of trials, challenges and struggles. It seems that from all angles our Heavenly Father is encouraging us to be well-rounded, not only for our benefit, but so that we can more compassionately and effectively help and understand others. "

I firmly believe that one of our greatest challenges is becoming balanced - to be able to give the appropriate level of time and attention to various aspects of our lives - house/home, family, work, service, spirituality, education/learning, personal development, entertainment, socializing, etc. 
"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." - Winston Churchill

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