Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 1 Roof

We had a real mess before we were able to locate a dumpster. One bagster was not big enough so it was back to the drawing board.
Jenn, Aubrey and I had to move all this mess to the dumpster - after Fred moved it enough to even get the dumpster in the driveway.
What a project!
After many attempts to locate a dumpster (holiday weekend complicated this), we finally got one but not before we had filled the driveway with roofing debris. I got the last Bagster in the valley but it turned out to be too small for the project so once we finally located the dumpster we had to throw all the shingles in it from the driveway - no small task! This was a job I could do since I don't do heights! Aubrey and Jenn helped me on that project.
Fred using a sled. Jenn had the idea and it worked great for dragging the shingles over to the dumpster.
Emma was an amazing worker, gathering nails on the roof
The roof was more rotten than we had even thought and would never have made it through the winter. There are spots where a man could fall right through the plywood with little effort. They had to watch their step.
My neighbor, Sarah, helped in the morning but hurt her back. I hate it when people get hurt helping me! Jenn and Noah spent some time on the roof too but after Jenn stepped on a nail we made her go for a tetanus shot. Aubrey went with her and as soon as they got back she stepped on one too. Unfortunately the clinic was closed at 4:00 (early today because of the holiday weekend). So, she still needs one but where to get it this weekend?
Steve and Alan (my neighbor and one of the High Priest Group leaders) came after work. They were a welcome sight to Ken and Fred who were pretty beat. Nothing like a few more hands.

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