Monday, September 27, 2010


Here is my dad about 10 days before he died. He was feeling pretty good, getting ready to go to rehab, joking and posing. I am so happy I got to see him that weekend and he was able to speak to me!

I wish I'd had a chance to take some pictures at the visitation before the funeral. There were so many friends and family. Of course there were also some regrets as I thought of some who should be acknowledged. Sandy should have had a more prominent place as the widow. I wish we had Rob or someone else in Oakley who were close to him the last few years as a speaker to better represent the last third of his life. I wish the racing legacy mentioned would have included Justin who also won his division at RMR when he raced. I wish people were more loving to all, even those with differing views. These things always bring feelings out and I can only hope that they will have a desire to emulate my dad's gift of forgiveness and not holding grudges.

I was impressed that a religious leader, Tom, from Oakley -I'm not sure exactly, but he wore a collar and I think Sandy said he was from the Catholic Church there - organized the town of Oakley for a fund-raiser yard sale over Labor Day weekend for dad and Sandy and they paid the expenses with that money. He also made a nice box for Dad's remains and drove to Lindon to bring him back in time for the services. Yet, nothing was said about this. I wish I had but I thought the Bishop conducting would address this in his remarks. I should have requested it specifically. He and Rob should have been thanked publicly. Roy Palmer should also have been remembered in conjunction with Uncle Vern and their roles in the racing history. We always see better after the fact it seems.

Recalling the past...

Here's dad with us kids. I'm holding my youngest sister, Colleen. The others, L-R, are Carolyn, Craig, Wendy, Gary, Cindy. This would have been Easter of 1962. I posted this picture because it was him as "dad" and we don't have many photos like that. This is his next generation posterity.
Dad had many friends and loved ones. He made the comment in the interview a couple of years ago that he was surprised he still had fans living. Well, from the looks of the crowd (filled the large Stake Center chapel) I'd say his legend lives on. I heard so many wonderful comments from those who cared about him; some traveling quite a distance to be there. Love to all! We'll miss you Dad.

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