Thursday, September 30, 2010

Religion survey

U.S. Religious survey is found here. I didn't get 100% but I exceeded 90% of the population in general knowledge but it turns out I didn't understand the Catholic sacrament.
On questions of Christianity, "Mormon" respondents — comprised primarily of members of The Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints but possibly including members of other faiths such as from the Community of Christ — were the top-scoring group. Mormons averaged 7.9 correct answers out of the 12 questions on Christianity, with white evangelical Protestants second with a 7.3 average.
I'm sure Evangelicals as a whole know their Bibles better, but apparently we edged them (though very close) on our knowledge of Christianity and since the Bible is a large part of our religious study, we are learning. Our Sunday School Gospel Doctrine classes spend a year on the Old Testament, A Year on the New Testament, a year on the Book of Mormon and a year on the Doctrine & Covenants. However, we are encouraged to study all the scriptures and to do so daily.

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