Sunday, January 9, 2011

Revelation of the Magi

Newly discovered and translated old manuscript sheds light on the Magi. Read the Deseret News' report here.

The ancient manuscript was in the Vatican Library. He [Brent Landau, a religion professor at the University of Oklahoma, who has translated an ancient text from the Vatican Library into English] had just finished learning ancient Syriac, a language similar to Aramaic, which Jesus Christ may have spoken, so he was able to translate it into English and it became the book "Revelation of the Magi."

The story is a first-hand account of their journey. But the most surprising point is when Christ speaks to them.

Landau wrote, "So Christ, being a divine being, is able to appear as a star, that's how he first appears to the wise men, and then transforms himself into a luminous kind of, a glowing, talking infant."

"This is what Christ says to the Magi when he appears," Landau said. He called this the smoking gun.

He said the most important passage of the text was: "And I am everywhere because I am a ray of light, whose light has shown in this world from the majesty of my Father, who has sent me to fulfill everything that was spoken about me in the entire world and in every land by unspeakable mysteries and to accomplish the commandment by my glorious Father, who by the prophets preached about me to the contentious house in the same way as for you as befits your faith, it was revealed to you about me."
We know there is much in scripture that has been lost or not yet revealed.  How exciting to see some of this come to light.  Landau said it was written in "ancient Syriac, a language similar to Aramaic, which Jesus Christ may have spoken."  He learned the language, enabling him to translate this text which was found in the Vatican.

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