Friday, January 7, 2011

Parent Alienation

This is a story that is so often the case for men, falsely accused. It's time people wake up and see what is happening - correct the injustice. Click here: parent alienation

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  1. Note that this time the victim of the false allegations was the mother. The women's rights and feminist groups generally claim that parental alienation is the false defense of guilty abusers. (Remind you of "battered women's syndrome"? A real condition too often misused by those who have never been battered.)

    But this time when it was a woman being accused of sexually abusing her daughter and 2 other young girls the feminist groups didn't back her up, even after this story gained nationwide coverage. Apparently these groups are opposed to anyone who even mentions parental alienation.

    You HAVE to read through the accounts of the cast of characters paraded out by the prosecution (this was a criminal case, the result of false allegations in family court taken seriously and brought to a criminal court), their list of unethical and illegal behavior, and the volumes of lies they told. Even the judge was complicit! (Before being a judge he was the divorce attorney for the defendant's ex-husband!!!! He didn't recuse himself as he should have, and then actively helped the prosecution hide important evidence while inventing potentially life-destroying false testimony.

    The ONLY way this broken system can ever be improved is if EVERYONE raises their voices in opposition to the clear injustices and outright crimes committed by our legal (NOT justice!) system.

    The attorneys and judges involved are currently being investigated for federal crimes and will likely be disbarred at the very least.


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