Friday, February 11, 2011

Pink gifts

Some of my coworkers are much more thoughtful than I am.  For my belated birthday party they gave me the cool coaster (from Egypt where Kathy traveled before the unrest), the tiny photo frame and good luck lady bug, pink gloves (very soft and they match the pink scarf another coworker gave me for Christmas) and pink stationery.  For Valentine's day we sometimes exchange treats and Kathy will be out of town so she brought us fresh eggs and wrapped up two each.  Her hens lay colorful ones.  I will add a photo because they are really fun.  I didn't realize we get such egg color varieties - always assumed just white or brown (city mouse that I am).

More pink just might come with V-day...


  1. Aw, I miss you guys! Especially around this time of the year... I love Valentine's Day and giving everyone something fun.

  2. This really is an amazing bunch of women to work with. Love these birthday lunches and other excuses to celebrate. I'm not nearly as thoughtful as they are but it is appreciated.


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