Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Vocab

I know I'm a little out of it on some things.  I couldn't tell you who the latest Rap performers are - in fact many performers are foreign to me and I'm not a star gazer.  I don't care who in Hollywood is married/divorced/in relationship or whatever with anyone else.  I don't care who is having a surrogate mother carry their in vitro twins or who has been arrested for DUI.

A friend recently reminded me of one word evolution that took me by surprise a few years back.  Thong.  When I was young it was something we all wore on our feet all summer because we could pick them up cheap, they worked well when we played outside before central air conditioning and video games.  We barely had TV and certainly nothing kids would want to watch during the day instead of playing outside with friends.  As the World Turns? Right!  Of course old habits (and words) die hard.  I would sometimes refer to these AKA "shower sandals" as thongs and my kids were like, "you wore what?"  They educated me and I seem to be able to usually refer to them as flip-flops now.

At my high school (Granite) we had a service club they called GAYS (Granitians at Your Service). They ushered at events and did whatever it is service clubs to.  Being a GAY was not a reflection on your sexual preferences or lifestyle choices.  I even had friends whose mothers named them Gay or Gaye and we sang songs about being "happy and gay."  Now we can't even talk about the Rainbow Connection without someone seeing another meaning.  How can they take away rainbows???  I mean, isn't there a Biblical connection there with Noah that came first?  Can the gay/lesbian movement really claim rainbows and make us dare not use them without signifying something else?  In Sugar House (local neighborhood) they have also created a "blue" district.  I just don't get it I guess.  An official color?  Don't get me wrong, but straights don't get their own color and logo...

I few weeks ago a guy asked me if I liked PDAs.  With a health background, I immediately puzzled in my mind - "is he talking about patent ductus arteriosis?" (my experience is with newborns)  I immediately ruled that one out and moved to this response, "I had once once - a Palm, but I didn't like it very much."  (all the while thinking that was a random question, but maybe if you're a "techie")  Of course that brought a chuckle.  My kids enjoyed me sharing this one with them - they got a chuckle too.  I don't text (yet) and I guess some of the abbreviations and acronyms have eluded my grasp or even exposure.  Public displays of affection?  Sure, with the right man (if it's someone special, it's nice for the world to see you like each other, holding hands, exchanging a kiss, etc.) as long as it doesn't get obscene!  Note to self:  add new word to vocab.

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