Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let the circus begin...

Ah, the joy of politics.   I've tried to avoid the subject so far but it's pretty hard considering how it is thrown at us continually.

Campaign Leak:  President Obama's plan, with the economy continuing to go down the toilet is to "Kill the [Romney]Beast."  This is his fiercest opponent at this point. And he's planning on doing it by bashing his religion..... really!?
Today, Politico reports that the Obama re-election campaign has reviewed all of the available data, war-gamed various campaign stratagems and decided that the only way the president can win re-election is by destroying his Republican opponent.  Read more here and here

Perception after the election, should Romney win is likely to be a lot like JFK after fears that the Pope would be running the country if a Catholic were elected.  We get over it.  Irrational fears give way to actions.  Sometimes you just have to show your stuff - actions speak louder than words. Read more here. Another interesting link:  5 Myths about Mormons

One take on the recent, expected downgrading of our credit score here

Don't get me wrong - I respect the office of President of the United States and I don't bash the elected leader. But, in this country we do get to disagree.  I believe those who have dropped me as a friend or relative because of this or other political or religious views are misguided at best.  But, they have their freedom and will as well.

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