Monday, December 8, 2008

Avery's Blessing

Nat was pretty stressed with so much to do, a new Church calling, new (fussy) baby, Christmas prep, going back to her part-time job and all so she didn't have plan a big get-together. A few of us went over to Chris's place after for a light lunch. It was nice because his house is already clean!!! Sometimes a little impromptu works out quite well and has less pre-event worry and work. It was a nice day with unseasonably warm temperatures. The early October snow made me worried we would have a long, bad winter but it's going the other way - we're starting to worry about lack of moisture and potential drought. There are more kids' pictures on my other blog.
Avery and his mom, NatalieRob, Alex, Natalie, Jenn, Fred
Liz, Jon, Asher, Alex
Jon, Liz
Josh, Adam, Ken

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  1. I think I would buy Chris's house except for two little problems: 1) I don't live in Utah, and 2) I can't afford it. But goodness it is nice. If I lived there I would figure out how to buy it!!! I sure wish jenn could!


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