Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blessing in Disguise!

I woke up to a flooded basement so I ended up with an unexpected vacation day off work.  I spent lots of money too and Chris is here on vacation.  Guess how he got to spend it today?  You guessed it - he and Ken were the volunteer labor.  I appreciate their help very much.  It set me back $600 but would have been much worse if I had to pay for labor to install it and remove the old one.

Here's the silver lining in the deal.  They discovered this damaged ductwork which is here to vent the gas water heater (take the C0 out of the house via the big duct you see here that goes up to the roof).  Apparently we were in a really prime position to die by C0 poisoning.  Lucky for us the leaking water heater needing replacement got our attention (thanks to Ken).  We think this probably happened while we were roofing the house - the vent pipe fell down (that's why it broke the adjoining pipe and is hanging low).
Chris and I on "vacation" - I spent lots of money and he came here from Japan.  Thinking of sending a postcard to Kiyomi, "wish you were here" 
The finished product.  New water heater and moved water softener.  Works much better this way.

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