Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Charlotte follows Tampa - finally!

Every once in a while reason prevails.
USA Today reports that the Atheists anti-Christian and specifically anti-Mormon billboards are coming down. 
One sign calls God "sadistic" and Jesus "useless" as a savior (his image is shown as toast, literally) and conclude that atheism, by contrast, is "simply reasonable."
The other derides the Mormon concept of God as a "space alien" and notes that Mormons offer a proxy baptism to dead relatives.
Vitriol, evidently, can be directed only against believers.
 I consistently find it ironic that we would never tolerate anti-Semitism, anti-gay or racial slurs but our society continues to tolerate anti-religion, anti-Christianity and anti-Mormonism.  Every once in a while it is seen for what it is and atheists should not be immune from the repercussions of their hate crimes in the name of free speech or free expression.  If they want to advertise their positive attributes, fine - but don't attack others in this kind of repulsive way.

I held greater respect for Tampa for recognizing early on that the placement of these hate bulletin boards was wrong and they disallowed them.  I was pleased to see Charlotte has finally realized it as well.

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